Note: We are not taking new clients at this time due to our upcoming closure. This information is for historical reference.

We help hands-on learning communities start, grow, and thrive.

If you are building a hands-on learning community that allows people to deepen their understanding of STEM/STEAM, creativity, self management, and/or social skills, we want to help you succeed!

We fill in the gaps to make learning communities stronger and more stable, whether it’s facilitating strategic planning, taking the overhead of financial management off their plate, or partnering with them to build new connections in their community. We work regularly with collaborative spaces, schools, after school programs, libraries, and continuing education programs.

We work to manifest the values of inclusion, health & wellness, and development of the full person throughout their lifespan. If your hands-on learning community integrates one or more of these elements, you are part of our tribe.

We support learning communities through a number of services including fiscal sponsorship, program hosting, and consulting. Click through to learn more about these structures. If you’re not sure yet what would be most helpful, we would love to explore ideas with you!

Our Programs:

Fiscal Sponsorship: We provide fiscal sponsorship for new non-profits aligned with our mission to take tax-deductible donations prior to receiving their 501(c)3 designation from the IRS, while learning the ropes for fundraising and financial management.
‍Program Hosting: We allow programs aligned with our mission to become part of the School Factory, giving them access to our 501(c)3 non-profit container, financial management services, and mentorship.
Consulting: We work with schools, libraries, and other learning communities to help them start or build a sustainable program. We partner with these organizations in a variety of ways, provide coaching, and facilitate meetings and input sessions.
Resources: We provide access to reference materials like the Make-A-Space Kit, which guides you through starting and growing a collaborative space. We also hope to re-launch our Space Federation program, which allows leaders of collaborative spaces to share ideas and best practices within a community of support.
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